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UV Phototherapy NEUKN02

  • Security Classification: Class I
  • The equipment without application part
  • The equipment without signal input and output part
  • Operation mode: Intermittent loading continuous operation
  • General Equipment (closure device without preventing the liquid )
  • Can not be used in following situation: a flammable anesthetic mixture with air or with oxygen or nitrous oxide gas mixture of flammable gas under anesthesia
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1.Stable and long usage life Philips special UV lamps as light source

2.10 pieces UV lamps of various combinations (PUVA,NBUVB,PUVA&NBUVB),high intensity UV light output to reduce treatment times

3.Microcomputer controls the radiation dose or time

4.PUVA output and NBUVB output work separately or simultaneously

5.Build-in reflectors, improve the efficiency of irradiation

6.Treatment head can be lifted up and down electronically (Vertical distance:≥36cm, rotation angle:≥90°), and it can be locked in any angle and rotated in a certain angle; patients can choose to sit or lie during treatment.

7.Microcomputer control ensures the patients’ safety

8.Unique anti-interference technology, ensure the normal use of equipment in strong magnetic field

9.Optional special software of remote control and case management functions

10.Optional UV meter UV lamp parameter: TLK40W/1O-R:350-400nm TL20W/01:311-312nm TLK40W/O9R:320-40Onm Work Voltage: AC 220V+10%,50Hz+2%or AC 110V+10%,60Hz+2% Rated Power:500VA; Specifications and ratings of fuse: T4AL/250V Ф5*20 (AC 220V+10%) or T8AL/250V Ф5*20 (AC 110V+10%) Work environment: TEM. 5~40℃ , Relative Moisture:≤85%,Atmospheric pressure:700hPa~1060hPa Structure : Bust Work distance:5cm±1cm Display mode: LED display Effective Radiation Size:4020cm2±10% Lift and rotate: a)Radiation rotating scope:≥90°; b)Radiation lifting scope ≥36cm.


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